No35 [Event] Yesterday’s techniques, today’s perspectives

With surface Tension, a group exhibition bringing together work by Masaya Hashimoto, sachiko Kazama, Kumi Machida and Hidenori yamaguchi, the white Rainbow gallery offers a wonderful introduction to Japanese artistic output, which is both traditional and contemporary in outlook. Most of the artists [...]

No34 [Series] The unsinkable boats

We thought they had disappeared forever, but some boats have reappeared thousands of miles away from their port of origin. More than four years after the earthquake on the 11th of March 2011, wrecked fishing boats carried away by the tsunami continue to wash up on the coasts of Okinawa and Hawaii. F[...]

No34 [Culture] Japan sound Portrait

BBC DJ and broadcaster nick Luscombe has come up with a great event idea that will run in conjunction with the Rivers of the world exhibition. Both different and original, it entails being transported over 6,000 miles away from London to the Sumida River in Tokyo, listening to short poems (haiku) b[...]

No34 [Movie] The grand return of Dragon Ball z

It’s no surprise to anyone that Resurrection F signals the return of the saga’s most symbolic protagonist. Years after Trunks crushing victory, the remnants of the tyrant’s army have not disappeared completely but remain at the edge of the galaxy. Its new leader a rather ridiculous despot call[...]

No34 [Book] Akira Kurosawa seen from inside

Script writer for Rashamon and Seven Samurai among other classics, Shinobu Hashimoto recalls his days working with one of the most celebrated Japanese directors. At 97 years old, Shinobu Hashimoto’s memory is still excellent – which is a boon for those who interview him. Scriptwriter for Aki[...]

No34 [Book] Post-mortem of a worldwide success

One of the most characteristic works of Japanese art is undoubtedly Kanagawa Oki no namiura (under the wave off Kanagawa), better known today as The Great wave off Kanagawa. This woodblock print was produced in the 1830s by Katsushika Hokusai, a great print master, and over time it has come to symbo[...]

No34 [Exhibition] Manga at the British museum

The museum is welcoming three of the finest mangaka. An opportunity to highlight the importance of this form of expression. From a European perspective, Japanese culture has for a long time been seen as the reflection of an ancient, sophisticated and spiritual tradition. This might explain in part w[...]

No32 [Manga] Tokyo Ghoul, a nice surprise

Ishida Sui’s first published work is a success. It particularly critiques our prejudices and our rejection of what is different. Promoted as part of the zombie manga genre, Tokyo Ghoul portrays a type of monster that isn’t quite one of of the living dead: a ghoul. This creature comes fro[...]

No32 [DVD] More of Oda’s winning formula

The mangaka has supervised the making of One Piece Z. The result reflects his involvement. As they are sailing towards the New World, Luffy and his crew save a mysterious person from drowning. He hides behind sunglasses, sports a mechanical arm, and is only referred to as “Z”. The man is in fact[...]

No31 [DVD] Harlock turns 45 and he’s doing fine

This film adaptation of the cult series created in 1969 proves to be a great success – despite some imperfections. First created in 1969 as a manga, the animated version of Space Pirate Captain Harlock arrived in Europe soon after it first discovered Japanese animation. However, in contrast to[...]