No9 [Exhibition] Two years on, let’s remember

The Asahi Shimbun, the second most widely sold newspaper in Japan, publishes deeply moving photos relating to the earthquake on the 11th of March 2011. The hills, the valleys, the headlands and the sea are landscapes that are just as touching as human lives; amidst the hectic nature and the deadly p[...]

No9 [Book] Entertainment made in Japan

Taking the name of the hotspring resort town in which it was founded in 1914, the Takarazuka Revue is a kaleidoscopic experience, both in terms of its theatricality and visual characteristics. This excellent book presents a detailed analysis of the Takarazuka Revue Troupe’s history, educational tr[...]

No8 [Cinema] Farewell Nagisa!

After his death on the 15th January at the age of 80, the director of In The Realm Of Senses left a huge legacy to cinema around the world. Oshima Nagisa, a unique film director and precursor of the so-called “Japanese New Wave” in the sixties and seventies, bowed out quietly on the 15th of Janu[...]

No8 [DVD] The woodsman and the Rain

Japanese cinema is full of surprises and is lucky to have a distributor in Great Britain that is open-minded and discerning in the choice of films that are regularly released. Third Window Films is a company that deserves praise, for it is rare in Europe to find one that takes an interest in Japanes[...]

No7 [Book] The best place to drink in the world

According to author Chris Bunting, Tokyo has a lot to offer the curious drinker. Is Tokyo the best city for booze in the world? English writer Chris Bunting is pretty sure it is. People outside Japan probably would not agree, but the Tokyo-based British journalist has gathered a huge amount of infor[...]

No7 [DVD] A treasure of a film

A village is ravaged by plague. The ninja Kagero escorts a troup of soldiers that have been sent to investigate but very soon, Tessai, one of the 8 demons of Kimon, attacks them. Only Kagero survives, saved by Jubei Kibagami, a lonesome samurai. Dakuan, a government agent, has ordered him to get rid[...]

No6 [DVD] Twilight in the country of the rising sun?

© Fuyumi Ono, Ryu Fujisaki/SHUEISHA, SHI KI Committee Adapted from Fuyumi Ono’s novel, Shi Ki is a high quality anime that you can now watch on DVD. Full of suspense, this story will send shivers up your spine. This gothic thriller was adapted from Fuyumi Ono’s novel (The Twelve Kingdoms). Shi [...]

No6 [Literature] Discovering or rediscovering Black Rain

Five years after the atomic bomb explodes, young Yasuko is living with her uncle and aunt in a village near Hiroshima where they took refuge after the city was destroyed. Graceful, clever, and gentle, Yasuko has yet to find a husband. A rumour says she was caught in the shower of black rain that fel[...]

No5 [Literature] The memory of our mothers

By continuing the work she started with her first novel, Julie Otsuka forcefully evokes the conditions of Japanese immigrants in America. On the boat, we were mostly virgins. We had long black hair and flat feet and we were not very tall.” It is with these words that Julie Otsuka starts her new no[...]