No11 [Cooking] Oyako Donburi

                Oyako Donburi The family of popular Japanese dishes widely known as “donburi mono” consists of a bowl of white rice with various fillings piled on top. There are many different types of donburi available in Japan, such as unagi-don which is[...]

No10 [Cooking] Yaki gyoza

Yaki gyoza (Fried dumplings) Gyoza are a popular type of Asian dumplings that bear somewhat of a resemblance to Italian ravioli. They have a thin outer layer made from flour and water, stretched out into a circular shape and then used to wrap various fillings such as meat, prawns and vegetable etc. [...]

No10 [Restaurant] Authentic family-run sushi bar in Camden Town

Authentic family-run sushi bar in Camden Town Sushi is undoubtedly the most famous Japanese dish, comprising of vingered rice either rolled up (maki) or set in a block (nigiri) and topped with raw fish or vegetables. As Japanese cuisine is now widely recognised, sushi isn’t very hard to get i[...]

No10 [Drinking] A beverage to rival Sake

A beverage to rival Sake Monday the 18th March saw So Restaurant, situated in London’s Soho, play host to the “Honkaku Shochu” tasting event, an evening that aimed to introduce a range of Shochu that Kyushu island, a southern region of Japan, has to offer. Shochu is a distilled beverage th[...]

No9 [Restaurant] Pot luck in West London

Pot luck in West London There are several well-known one pot dishes in Japan. Sukiyaki, which we`ve covered in ZOOM magazine before, and Shabu-shabu, are meals either cooked by you, or cooked in front of you. A portable stove sits in the middle of the table, with a nabe pot simmering away on top, an[...]

No9 [Eating] SOZAI Cooking School Opening

SOZAI Cooking School Opening February 12th 2013 saw the opening of the UK’s first ever Japanese cooking school, known as SOZAI, near Liverpool St. The word “sozai” has two meanings in Japanese: “household dishes” and “raw ingredients”. Appropriate, as an essential element in Japanese c[...]

No9 [Cooking] Teriyaki chicken Burger

Teriyaki Chicken Burger The teriyaki chikcen burger is a unique type of burger created in Japan that puts a delicious teriyaki style chicken steak in a bun with lettuce and other toppings. It is a standard item on fast food menus across Japan but is also sold outside of the country under various nam[...]

No8 [Cooking] Temari Sushi

Temari Sushi Every year in Japan, on the third of March, people celebrate the Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival), a seasonal festivity where families pray for the happy and healthy development of their girl children. On the day of the festival, families with girls will display hina dolls and peach blossom[...]

No7 [Drinking] Japanese Sake: Sweet, Soft and Sparkly!

Japanese Sake: Sweet, Soft and Sparkly! Sparkling sake? Why not? In a field once thought to be very traditional, this is a sparkling innovation. “Mio Sparkling Sake” has just the right balance of sweetness and sourness for sake with the added freshness of millions of tiny bubbles, just like cham[...]

No7 [Restaurant] iBUKi: Breathing New Life Into Japanese Cuisine!

iBUKi: Breathing New Life Into Japanese Cuisine! Aunique and attractively modern Japanese sushi restaurant has recently opened in Maida Vale and there is no doubt that this is a place you will want to visit again and again. “iBUKi” is run by Mr. and Mrs. Hoshino who are a lovely couple and very [...]