No6 [Music] They won’t keep their mouths shut

All around the world, dozens of artists and bands fight to defend their right to be different. It is no exception in Japan despite its reputation for reticence. Don’t keep quiet. Use music to assert yourself and make your voice heard! Such is the motto of many modern Japanese artists who wish to m[...]

No5 [Pleasure] Royce’, the Rolls of chocolates

Situated close to Sapporo, this company is gaining increasing popularity amongst chocolate lovers. Hokkaido is famous for fish, shellfish, râmen (especially famous in Sapporo and Asahikawa), maybe even cheese (Hokkaido’s famous camembert sold in a tin box), and that is about it. This represents m[...]

No5 [Beer] From producer to consumer

A few kilometres away from Sapporo, Otaru’s little port is experiencing a revival with help from a master brewer who comes from Germany. Nowadays, Otaru is a little port like any other. However, until the ninteen-forties it was the region’s economic powerhouse. It owed its importance to commerce[...]

No5 [Wine] In Tokachi, dreams are made of grand crus

For approximately 50 years, Château Ikeda has been building a solid reputation with its wine. On arriving in Ikeda on the Nemuro line, 250 kilometres southeast of Sapporo, your attention is caught by a huge concrete building rising above the station. On a grey, cloudy day, it is enough to get horro[...]

No5 [Food] Hokkaido makes your mouth water

Long considered to be rather an isolated region, the island was often ignored, but thanks to new rail links, it has become more accessible. Last April, the Japanese media gave a warm welcome to Michelin’s first guide to Hokkaido. After Tokyo and Kansai, this northern island has always been known f[...]

No4 [Focus] Heart to heart Soul to soul

Many foreigners have settled in Japan over the past few decades and many of them have also worked there.   And the Japanese, who wish to learn more about their lifestyle and gain inspiration from it, have given them a warm welcome. There are also those who have moved to Japan with the desire to cre[...]

No3 [Passion] A cop sits down to eat

This is a story about a talkative cop who likes to eat, but most of all loves to talk. It is to be consumed enthusiastically… Published in the popular weekly magazine Asahi Geino that covers Japanese show business, Meshibana deka Tachibana [Detective Tachibana’s food stories] is gaining a follow[...]

No3 [History] At Mr. Nobunaga’s service

By using the historical figure of Oda Nobunaga as a character, mangaka have succeeded in creating several very imaginative stories. Over the past few years, jidaigeki ( Japanese period films) have made a comeback in movies. Samurai films are acclaimed both by the audiences they entertain and the dir[...]

No3 [Initation] From producer to consumer

Arakawa Hiromu has taken a bold step with her new manga about agriculture. With Fullmetal Alchemist, Arakawa Hiromu has become one of the greatest names in manga, both in Japan and in the rest of the world. Her talent is greatly applauded and it is well known that everything she touches turns to gol[...]

No3 [Trend] Manga are now devoured in many different forms

2011 and 2012 saw a marked change in the way Japanese people read comic books.  Years go by but in the world of manga everything seems to stay the same. In 2005 the sales of graphic novels surpassed those of manga compilation magazines and the gap between the two formats continues to widen, indicat[...]