Tokyo 東京 高層ビル building

No56 [ECONOMY] Industry is riding high

The confidence of japan’s large industrial groups reached a ten year high in september, according to the Bank of japan’s quarterly “tanken” survey, which is a sign of accelerating economic recovery. It’s basic price index rose 22 points in september compared to a rise of 17 for the three p[...]
サラリーマン ビジネスマン business man

No56 [SOCIETY] Working too hard harms your health

The number of cases of death from excess work (karoshi) have not come to an end. on october 6th, it was announced that a journalist from the public TV channel NHK had died of exhaustion in 2013 due to working 159 hours overtime in a month. This reveals that the phenomenon affects many sectors includ[...]

No56 [IN THE EYE OF ERIC RECHSTEINER] Akasaka mitsuke district, Tokyo

© Eric Rechsteiner It’s quite evident that the Japanese like eating fish. But many of them also like to fish, and not just in the countryside. In Tokyo, there are multitudes of fishing enthusiasts, and one can find numerous places where they can indulge their passion.To understand this enthusiasm[...]

No56 [SERIES] The one who wants to forge links

Sasaki Mai has discovered the best way for her to succeed and flourish.   At the age of 29, Sasaki Mai has discovered a sense of purpose thanks to her clothes shop, which helps her weave connections. The idea of “connection” has gained importance after the events of 11 March 2011. Might it [...]

No55 [SERIES] He who succeeded in settling in

This Jack-of-all-trades has found his feet in this city in the throes of reconstruction.   After coming to live in Ishinomaki in April 2011, Iwata Shota has helped in the city’s recovery in many ways. Since the earthquake in 2011, when Iwata Shot came to live in Ishinomaki, he has become “a[...]

No53 [SERIES] The keeper of memories

Masuda Hirofumi and his famous black camera   Since December 2011, Masuda Hirofumi’s mission has been to photograph daily life. The small glass studio in a street in the heart of Ishinomaki is occupied by artist Masuda Hirofumi, originally from Sayama in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo. Af[...]

No52 [SERIES] The will to live never fades away

Oka Yasufumi uses flowers to bring colour back to the region. Unenthusiastic about taking over his parents’ shop, young Oka Yasufumi nevertheless became a florist. Since the disastrous earthquake of 11 March 2011, the region of Ishinomaki has become a shadow of its former self. Though food, clothi[...]
No.51 NEWS

No51 [SERIES] A book lest we forget

The testimony was imagined and created by the city’s junior and senior high school students. After five years of work, the town’s students have put the final touches to a document for future generations. Six years have past since the 2011 earthquake. With the progress of the reconstruction w[...]

No50 [EXPERIENCE] Pokemon rules

To revive their tourist industries, some local councils have enlisted the help of the game Pokemon GO – with mixed results. Last year, from the 12th to the 22nd of November, an event based on the globally successful game Pokemon GO took place in the vicinity of Nakase Park in Ishinomaki, in an[...]
Chugoku-shinbun, Hiroshima

No49[PRESS] Courage on a daily basis

Opened in 1969, the current headquarters of Chugoku Shimbun faces the Peace Memorial Park. For 125 years the Chugoku Shimbun has served the population, with whom they’ve shared both the good times and the bad. If there’s one word to describe Hiroshima, “courage” would undoubtedly be the most[...]