No1 [Literature] dial c for crime

This is a rendez-vous with one of Japan’s best authors. The Devotion Of Suspect X shows the maturity that crime novels have reached in the archipelago. After the Second World War, Japanese crime literature experienced the same diversification as in the West. The same categories of crime novels as [...]

No1 [DVD] on living happily ever after

In Roujin Z, the author of Akira tackles a burning subject. Unfortunately, Kitakubo’s adaptation doesn’t draw to its level. One of the companies that has been dealing with advertisement in the press is called France Bed. In spite of its name, it isn’t French, but it deals with selling all kind[...]

No1 [Manga] Fantasy on all floors

Ryugamine Mikado is a young teenager who dreams of the exciting life of big cities. when his childhood friend Kida Masaomi invites him, he gets transferred to a high school in Ikebukuro, in the northern quarters of the capital. Masaomi warns him about some people he should avoid: a violent man dress[...]

No1 [Exhibition] Kusama takes the Tate modern

© Yayoi Kusama and © Yayoi Kusama Studios Inc. A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the 83-year-old artist allows us to grasp both the diversity and the radicalism of her art. Upon arriving to Miyanoura harbour, on the island of Naoshima, the first thing that you notice is a gigantic red pumpki[...]