No2 [Cinema] Fifty years as a film star

© 1961 Toho Co. Ltd. Film directors recognized the symbolic value of the Tokyo Tower and it was often used as a setting in their movies.  Film directors were right. They were quick to understand that the Tokyo Tower, symbol of the capital city as well as the whole country, had grown to be as famou[...]

No2 [History] The end of a symbol

A tower within a tower Tokyo Tower was built during the years of strong economic growth in Japan. Now that the country is in crisis, it is looking for a new beacon of hope. It is called Tokyo Sky Tree.  Built as a huge television aerial, the Tokyo Tower ended up representing far more.  On the fift[...]

No1 [Technology] Robots will make the difference

Whether for the future of their economy, or in everyday life, Japanese rely on robots.    The car industry was the motor of our economy for several decades. It is time to turn a page, and evolve towards something new. This something is robots.” Tomida Shigeru, Calio’s manager, is positive. Acc[...]

No1 [Trends] From “made in” to “made with”

In aeronautics, the Japanese are betting on international cooperation to establish their technology.  In the field of aeronautics, the Japanese have acquired a solid reputation with their famous hunter Zero made by Mitsubishi in the late thirties. It’s reliance and maneuverability allowed the Jap[...]

No1 [Challenge] Reinventing “made in japan”

After a challenging year on all sides, the Japanese population is set to slowly regain trust in it’s own products.   According to its end of year habit, Nikkei Business, a magazine specialised in economy, published the list of the most popular products in Japan. And it was a surprise to the journ[...]