No48 [Hokkaido] In the footsteps of Ken-san

Notoro lake near Abashiri is once again frozen and covered in snow. A typical mid-winter sight in Hokkaido In this far northerly region, where winters are harsh, ghosts of the past can sometimes change the course of a journey. When I first set off to the port city of Abashiri in the northeast of Hok[...]
ritsurin garden, takamatsu, japanese garden

No47 [Taking a Walk] In the gardens of Shikoku

People from Takamatsu consider the Ritsurin Garden to be the one of the most beautiful in the country. Although most famous for its pilgrimage of 88 temples, this island has many other hidden treasures. According to the inhabitants of Takamatsu, a city in Kagawa Prefecture in Shikoku, Ritsurin Koen [...]
Mount Fuji, fujiyoshida

No46 [Discovery] Mount fuji in full colour

Mount Fuji as seen from Chureito Pagoda in Fujiyoshida. There are many treasures in the lakeland region surrounding the famous volcano, including the Itchiko Kubota Art Museum. At the foot of Mount Fuji is a region full of lakes, waterfalls and caves with stunning natural landscapes. Two hours out o[...]
hiroshima, tomo, tomo no ura, fukuyama, japan, travel

No45 [Bewitched] A gem named Tomo

“The most beautiful view in Japan”. This is how a Korean emissary described what he saw from a window at the Taichoro guesthouse in 1711. Hiroshima Prefecture is full of wonderful places. One of them is the charming port of Tomo-no-ura. The priest from Fukuzenji Temple, sitting cross-legged on a[...]
stockholm ryokan yasuragi

No44 [Trip] A Japanese week-end in Stockholm

Zoom Japan will be taking you on a tour of Japan right here in Europe. Our first stop is in Scandinavia. If there is one country in Europe that most resembles Japan, it’s Sweden. Not only do Swedes have a similar relationship with nature as the Japanese, but Sweden is also famous for its design, j[...]
japan by rail

No44 [Book] The Bible for train travel in japan

Nothing beats traveling around Japan by train, and there’s nothing better than a good guidebook to avoid getting lost. For many of the tourists who are increasingly visiting Japan, one of the biggest fears is being unable to travel around due to difficulty with the language or the complexity of th[...]

No43 [Travel] Hachijo, Pearl of the Pacific

Located to the south of Tokyo, this volcanic island excites the curiosity of visitors with its many cultural and maritime treasures. All of a sudden, our boat’s whistle sounds. Passengers stand up and hurry to put away their belongings before heading to the stairs to disembark. The long night sinc[...]

No42 [Taste] Nara and Kyoto, food and drink (2/2)

The two ancient imperial cities are full of history and have a long tradition of fine cuisine. Among the many trains circulating on the busy Kintetsu Nara line linking the two ancient imperial capitals is the Shimakaze, a different kind of train that offers passengers extraordinary levels of comfort[...]

No41 [Travel] Nara and Kyoto, food and drink (1/2)

Japan’s two ancient imperial cities are full of history, and have a long tradition of fine cuisine. Kyoto and Nara are two cities that are almost obligatory destinations for visitors to Japan. Both ancient imperial capitals are full of hidden treasures, and the charms of the numerous important[...]

No40 [Travel] On Iwakuni’s bridge

Every year, 40,000 people attend a celebration unlike any other, in an amazing setting. Under the Kintai bridge, flat-bottomed wooden boats carry passengers through the water, just as they used to centuries ago before the general population was allowed to cross over its span. One long vessel glides [...]