CROSS OVER Japanese Art Collective Vol.23-24

CROSS OVER Japanese Art Collective Vol.23-24

CROSS OVER Japanese Art Collective
Vol.23 10th – 15th August 2020
Vol.24 17th – 22nd August 2020
CROSS OVER was established in August 2017 by PEDDY POT (Yashiro Hiroyuki), who at the time was active in creating and exhibiting graphic art at Southeast Asian and East Asian international art exhibitions and art fairs. العناية بالبشرة He established the new art group separate from the exhibitions he had been participating in with the goal of making exhibiting art in foreign countries, which is often seen as difficult, more accessible to all kinds of artists.
As an international art exhibition group mainly active in Asian countries, CROSS OVER gathers different participants including painters, graphic designers, dancers, and photographers for every exhibition, and to date have had over 200 participating artists.
The name CROSS OVER comes from the desire for each individual to become aware of new perspectives and values through interactions with artworks of various styles as well as different guests at the international exhibitions, and to dig deeper into these new findings.

Vol. 23:
Kudo Sayumi
Vol. 24:
Miyake Yukiko
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