No.101 [TRADITION] At setsubun, waste is a no-no

Ehomaki has become symbolic of bad practices in mass-market retailing. In a bid to maximise profits, the food industry giants tend to exploit traditional customs. At the beginning of February in Japan, setsubun (literally meaning “division of the seasons”) is celebrated. It was once regarded as [...]

No.100 [TREND] All about fermentation

The exhibition “Fermentation Tourism Nippon“ in Fukui prefecture. / Hakko Department Ogura Hiraku believes so strongly in its benefits that he has developed tourist projects based around the process. Fermentation tourism? This is the concept proposed by Ogura Hiraku (https://hirakuogura.com), wh[...]

No.99 [TASTE] A return to favour for shoyu

In Bar Flute Flute, champagne has found an unusual companion: soy sauce./ All Rights Reserved The commitment of small-scale producers is succeeding in attracting new customers. There’s not just one kind of soy sauce. Besides the five main types that are identified according to which production met[...]