[FOCUS] His name was Mishima Yukio

Jimbocho district, Tokyo, famous for its second-hand bookshops where a rare items like this record cover can be found. On 25 November 1970, the writer killed himself in a spectacular manner. We look back at the last years of his life. Mishima Yukio’s life can be roughly divided into two periods, b[...]

No.81 [FOCUS] A story of hiccups

The Japanese love beer, but it does not always share the same characteristics as beer drunk in Europe.   Though the current beer market resembles those in other countries, it has undergone many changes over the past century. Beer-making in Japan is about 400 years old, and Japanese beer-brewing[...]

No.81 [MARKET] A heavy tax burden

Advertisement for Orion Brewery, originally established in Okinawa, which has 0.8% of the beer market.   Representing 40% of the alcohol consumed in the country, beer remains popular, but is dependent on the economic situation. Japan loves beer. In absolute terms, it is the seventh-largest beer[...]

No.81 [ENCOUNTER] Happiness in a glass

The microbrewery uses three brewing systems (60,10 and 2.5hectolitres respectively).   Journalist Noda Ikuko’s discovery of beer mirrors the Japanese encounter with this drink. While Japan has been in love with beer for more than a century, most people know little about the vast and varied be[...]

No.81 [ADVENTURE] Baird Beer, small but strong

The microbrewery uses three brewing systems (60,10 and 2.5hectolitres respectively).   Founded in 2000, this microbrewery’s high quality produce has been successful in Japan and abroad. The Izu Peninsula just south of Tokyo is popular for its beaches, hot springs and gorgeous nature. Since 20[...]

No.81 [AMBITION] Orion looks up to the stars

Founded in 1957 as the Okinawa Beer Co. Ltd., the brewery was renamed Orion in 1959.   Although its strong local roots enabled it to rise to the top, the brewery is now threatened by competition.   Some people say that Okinawa is not in Japan, and in some respects they are right. with its [...]

No.80 [PUBLISHING] In constant turmoil

Women played a key role in the development of the consumer society in Japan   Thanks to women’s magazines, people can understand the extent to which the role of women has improved in society.   For many years, women have been key players in Japan’s consumer culture, and they are undoub[...]

No.80 [PASSION] Words of an avid reader

Launched in 1966, Heibon Panchi Joseiban led the way for An An, and MIZUMOTO Akemi became a fan.   MIZUMOTO Akemi has been a fan of An An since it began. She tells us about her love for the magazine.   For many women, the appearance of An An magazine on the newsstands in March 1970 was a b[...]

No.80 [DESIGN] Revolutionary at every stage

In its first issue, An An was notably able to feature a text by MISHIMA all about glamour.   Both in terms of graphic design and editorial content, An An turned the publishing world upside down. Since modern women’s magazines first appeared in Japan at the beginning of the 20thcentury, they h[...]

No.80 [FOCUS] An An and the new Japan

Since its first appearance in 1970, An An has always reflected the development of Japanese women as they have became stronger and more independent of men.   1970 marked the emergence of a new Japan where women started to play an increasingly important role. In the aftermath of the Second World [...]