Free monthly magazine ZOOM JAPAN is the only English magazine in the UK since 2012 about Japanese cultures including art, food, travel, music, fashion and more.

We do not just focus on the small parts of Japan in fashion in other countries, but provide the contents with good quality which allow people in the world to deeply understand what Japan is and what the Japanese people are by the journalists who has been active at the forefront of international journalism such as in Le Monde and Wall Street Journal. Its unique contents have fascinated many readers and so highly evaluated as people in the media industry keep all the back numbers of the magazine.

The physical copies are distributed to more than 300 places such as Japanese restaurants, shops, offices, travel agencies and so on in the UK, and also handed out at various events.

We have French issue ZOOM JAPON and Italian issue ZOOM GIAPPONE as well.

Circulation: 35,000
Publication: 10 issues per year. Every month except January and August.

About this website
This website have all the past articles archived as well as PDF edition, looked at by the people in not only the UK but also Japan, the US, Asian countries and the other European countries.

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Samplings and questionnaires in the events, private events such as cooking schools inviting our readers are available as well.


2012年創刊のZOOM Japanはイギリスで唯一、現地の人々に向け日本文化を英語で紹介している月刊フリーマガジンです。



姉妹誌として、フランス語版ZOOM JAPONとイタリア語版ZOOM GIAPPONEも刊行しています。

部数: 35,000部
発行形態: 年10回刊。1月、8月を除く毎月発行。