Haruko Fujii

Haruko Fujii

When the cultural organisation Japan Tide approached Leyden Gallery with the concept of an exhibition of promoting older Japanese women artists (all in their 70s) it was a perfect match as Leyden Gallery has for the last five years been building a reputation of supporting Women Artists, working with International Artists and also of being an intergenerational gallery space with a range of exciting events to match their exhibition programme.


Haruko Fujii
A lover of calligraphy and painting since young, Haruko FUJII is an oil painter who has been involved in creative activities over more than 40 years. FUJII uses things that are familiar to her as motifs for her works, e.g. roses blooming in a garden, overgrown trees in a vineyard, scenery discovered on her travels and so on. However, using beautiful colors and her characteristic light and easy brushstrokes that make you feel the simplicity of her works, as well as the clever way she composes her works to show the branches of plants and streets in a complex ornamental pattern, she turns the scenery and sights around her into an individualistic landscape full of emotions. Do enjoy fully the works of FUJII in a floating and somehow poetic mood.


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05/06/2018 - 00:00

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09/06/2018 - 00:00

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Art, Exhibition, Talk


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