Rising from the East – Aesthetics of Japan – Group Exhibition

Rising from the East – Aesthetics of Japan – Group Exhibition

A group exhibition of unique and creative Japanese artists, curated by Artrates
DATES: 26-30 November 2018
Mon-Fri → 11:00-19:00
Late Opening Thu 29 Nov → 11:00-20:00

Maki NOHARA (Oil Painting)
● Sei Amei (Watercolour)
● Fumi Yamamoto (Mixed Media Painting)
chizuko matsukawa (Embroidery Illustration)
Naho Katayama (Paper Cut Works)
Yuki Minato (Japanese Ink Painting)
noco (Mixed Media Painting)
Nobutaka UEDA (Japanese Ink Painting)
Harumi Yukawa (Watercolour)
Kaoruko Negishi (Acrylic Painting)
IWACO (Doll Maker)


Eleven Japanese up-and-coming artists, art majors as well as self-taught creators, have gathered to captivate the viewers with their own interpretations and their unusual art expressions, experimenting with different styles, mixing tradition with innovation, welcoming onlookers to eyewitness the birth of new contemporary Japanese art.

From paintings through calligraphy, into embroidery and doll making, each artist has created a unique style which allows the viewer to experience Japanese traditional art being transformed into contemporary art.

The below four artists represent some of the styles that you will be able to discover at the Sway Gallery during this exhibition.

Yuki Minato’s use of Japanese calligraphy, which has recently aroused interest of not only Japan lovers but also contemporary art admirers, redefines the beauty of tradition into her modern art pieces with every stroke of the brush.

SENJU, whose embroidery art represents different shapes and patterns of universally recognized ukiyo-e prints, introduces the viewers to her own interpretation of the widely famous Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave Off Kanagawa’, using shiny threads and working accordingly to the code of wasai, the traditional Japanese style of sewing.

IWACO brings an entirely fresh outlook of the doll making art. Japan’s doll making history and tradition originated thousands of years ago, and although it has many already established styles, it is her desire to create a more powerful image of the artwork, challenges her to use various materials and non-traditional motifs. She has chosen London as a place for her next exhibition, after a favourable reception in New York.

Amei Sei’s painting of Ishikiri Shrine in Osaka shows the shrine in two different coexisting worlds, a colourful and fairy-tale-like one and another more sophisticated, down-to-earth one. Despite the seemingly conflicting styles, both sides exist in harmony.

Art Rates chose 11 artists to bring to London a unique group exhibition, with the purpose of showing how artists trained in traditional Japanese arts can capture perfectly the essence of contemporary art.


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26/11/2018 - 11:00

Ends On

30/11/2018 - 19:00

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Art, Exhibition


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