Interview with Hirano Keiichiro “Thinking about myself and thinking about society are inseparable things” The Japanese popular TV drama Fill in the Blanks (Kuhaku wo Mitashinasai) will be broadcast online from 16th October 2022 on the NHK WORLD-JAPAN website, the international service of Japan[...]

Craft Okinawa lions & sip awamori cocktails

A Pantechnicon event Take a day trip to Japan’s Okinawa islands ! September 14th,14:00 – 15:30 or 18:00 – 19:00 Shisa Guardian Lion statuette Workshop with Akiko Matsuda and Okinawa snacks and cocktails. More information & booking page On September 14th, don’t miss a special [...]

[SPECIAL] On the road of taste and colours

Without the creation of this link between the Sea of Japan and the former Imperial region, Japanese cuisine would undoubtedly never have reached the level of refinement that has made it world renowned, and the prefectures of Fukui and Shiga would never have experienced such a level of flamboyance. T[...]