No16 [Restaurant] A taste of Nagoya

no16rA taste of Nagoya

Throughout Japan there are regional specialities alongside common dishes which can be found all over the country. ‘Nagoya Restaurant’, located n central London between Baker Street and Marble Arch, offers a great variety of dishes from Japanese city Nagoya. They offer a wide selection of classic Japanese dishes which make up most of the menu. Nagoya’s raditional and authentic Japanese decor looks exactly like an izakaya that you would visit in Japan, in fact you almost forget you’re in London with the staff chatting to some customers in Japanese. On entering the restaurant, one might presume it is quite small as the ground floor has many nooks and corner booths which give an intimate feel. However, there is also a lower floor which is very spacious, meaning that the restaurant can seat up to 80 people at a time. Furthermore, there is also a sushi bar where you can watch sushi being made and two tatami rooms. What s notable about the menu is that it is so extensive, all of the popular Japanese dishes are there; sushi, sashimi, tempura, salads, noodles, and rice based dishes. For those new to Japanese food, such a large menu could appear daunting but with the photos provided, you will be able to plan your meal with ease. Nagoya is located in central Japan, in the Chubu region and one of the Nagoya specialities you can’t miss is he miso katsu, which is comprisedof a rich and thick red miso sauce poured over crisp, golden, breaded pork cutlets. Nagoya and its surrounding area is famous for its red miso, traditionally made from pure soy beans that are steamed, rather than boiled, taking much longer to ferment (a minimum of two years). This red miso sauce has an intense rich flavour which works very well with the crispy on the outside, tender on the inside pork cutlets. A bowl of rice complements well to soak up the remainder of the sauce. Another great Nagoya dish on the menu is the spicy chicken wings that are utterly addictive. The chicken wings are first deep fried until the skin is rice cracker crisp before being dipped in a sweet and peppery soy sauce based glaze. A bite into the chicken wing reveals the deep flavours of the glaze and is slightly sweet, which contrasts well with the pepper and moist chicken. These tantalising wings are fantastic accompanied with a cold bottle of Japanese beer. Fur sushi lovers, Nagoya roll is a must. You may have to wait up to 30 minutes for is to be prepared, as it is intricately put together, but I can assure you this is well worth the wait. It truly is a work of art as well as a great meal and is made to resemble a ‘Shachihoko’, an animal in Japanese mythical folklore which has the head of a tiger and the body of a carp. The roll contains avocado. king prawns, four kinds of flying fish roe, cucumber and mayonnaise. A great winter dish on the menu is the “Nabe-Yaki udon”, fried udon noodles served in a hotpot. It contains thick white noodles, chicken, poached egg, shiitake mushrooms and vegetables and is topped with king prawn tempura. The udon has just the right texture and the miso broth is wonderful blended with the egg yolk. Nagoya restaurant is first rate and the only place to experience Nagoyan specialities that you would not find in other Japanese restaurants in London. The service is excellent as their staff are friendly, helpful and all too happy to assist you in making a choice from the wise-ranging menu. With Christmas nearing, this restaurant would be an excellent choice to hold a Christmas party if you would like something less traditional and more exotic for your festive get together.

Luke Bissett