No.75 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] Ebi to kinoko no ahijo misofumi

Ebi to kinoko no ahijo misofumi (Sauteed prawns and mushrooms with miso) RECIPE 1 – Cut the mushrooms into quarters. 2 – Shell and slice the prawns in half. 3 – Place miso and salt into the saute pan. 4 – Add the crushed garlic followed by the olive oil. 5 – Add the pra[...]

No52 [HARUYO’S RECIPE] WAFU PASTA (Spaghetti the Japanese way)

RECIPE 1 Fry the bacon in oil, in a frying pan. 2 Add the chopped shiitake and the maitake. 3 Add the cabbage, sliced into large pieces. 4 Cook the spaghetti in salted boiling water. 5 Add the spaghetti to the frying pan, together with 1 ladle of the water it was cooked in. 6 Stir fry, then season w[...]

No48 [Cooking] Clear soup with clams

Clear soup with clams The multiple layers of patterning on fresh clams are simply mesmerizing to the eye. Whenever I find good clams I cannot help but buy at least a handful. I can immediately think of half a dozen easy clam recipes, but one of my favourite is clear clam soup. Super easy and using a[...]

No47 [Cooking] Mouli and carrot salad

Mouli and carrot salad For a traditional Japanese housewife there is no such thing as the post-Christmas blues, as she will be busy shopping, preparing and cooking OSECHI RYORI, the name given to the multi coloured celebratory dishes served only at the New Year. OSECHI RYORI is cooked food and featu[...]

No46 [Cooking] Braised pork in soy sauce

Braised pork in soy sauce This juicy and succulent pork recipe makes you want more and more. If you can get a nice cut of pork belly with layers of wobbly fat, you are half way to success already. During the initial stage of cooking the pork is braised in ginger water, so the excess fat is washed ou[...]
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No45 [Cooking] Temari sushi

Temari sushi Sushi’s popularity exponentially increased over the last few years. It is now impossible to walk for a mile in central London without bumping into Itsu or Wasabi, while Waitrose is pulling a lot of sushi fans with their brand new fresh sushi counter. Sushi is definitely trending and i[...]

No44 [Cooking] Hojicha muffin with chestnuts and walnuts

I have always loved hojicha, the rich, toasted brother to green tea. While most green teas are steamed, hojicha is slowly roasted until the tea leaves turn brown. Slightly smoky and mildly sweet, hojicha has much less caffeine in it than regular green tea. It’s the kind of tea you can happily drin[...]

No43 [Cooking] Minced chicken and potato in crispy tofu

  Minced chicken and potato in crispy tofu I acquired the original version of this recipe from my Japanese friend who is a fabulous cook and frequently entertains people in her London home. She uses taro potatoes, but these can be hard to find, so I replaced it with the humble British spud and [...]

No41 [Cooking] Pickled cherry blossom rice with garden peas and takana

Pickled cherry blossom rice with garden peas and takana Every spring when cherry tree starts blossoming my heart is filled with excitement with anticipation for the double flowered cherry blossoms. Some cherry trees bear flowers that has more than 5 petals, some with 100, covering the tree with mass[...]