No28 [Language] Omoshiroi yo NIHONGO!

Welcome once again, to the fascinating world of the Japanese language.

This time we are going to introduce you to three funny expressions the Japanese use in everyday life.


Soshokukei danshi (草食系男子)

It literally means herbivorous boy. No, it doesn’t mean that they’re vegetarian. Japanese use this word to describe the type of men who are not really keen on having a girlfriend or in approaching girls. These men never go chasing after girls or making declarations of love. They are laid back with their emotions, calm like a herbivore who only eats grass and plants, and who never goes hunting for prey.


Rorukyabetsukei danshi (ロールキャベツ系男子)

Who are Rollcabbage boys: men who pretend to be herbivorous but it is just a camouflage. Jaapanese “Roll-cabbage “ is a dish in whitch minced meat is wrapped in cabbage leaves. In reality what they show outside is the opposite of their true nature and they take advantage of the fact they are seen as “soushokukei”.


Nikushokukei joshi (肉食系女子)

Carnivore girls.  This type of girl is the total opposite of “soushokukei”. They have a lot of confidence. These women are never afraid to show their emotions and are not shy at all. Usually herbivorous boys become their prey and the relationship will be one where the woman is the boss.


Example sentences:

A: あの人はデートにぜんぜん興味がないみたい。草食系男子だと思う。
(Ano hito wa deeto ni zenzen kyomi ga nai mitai. Soshokukei danshi da to omou.)
B: 確かにそうみたいだけどあいつロールキャベツ男子ってうわさが流れてたよ。
(Tashika ni so mitai dakedo aitsu rorukyabetsu danshi tte uwasa ga nagareteta yo.)
A: じゃあ、すごくカモフラージュが上手だよね。
(Jaa, sugoku kamofura-ji ga jozu da yo ne.)
B: そうね。もうすぐ肉食系女子に狙われるかも。
(So ne. Mosugu nikushokukei joshi ni nerawareru kamo.)
A: He doesn’t seem to be interested in dating at all, I think he is a herbivorous boy. B: Yes, he really behaves like one, but I heard that he is a roll cabbage boy. A: Then he indeed is covering it up very well. B: Right. Soon he will be targeted by a carnivorous girl.