NHK WORLD-JAPAN: Dreaming of Great Hauls: Passing the Baton

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Dreaming of Great Hauls: Passing the Baton

A dive into everyday life in a small fishing village, where a young man and woman work hard to bring back prosperity to their fast-aging community.

For ages in the small fishing town of Ijika, Mie Prefecture, all men became fishers and all women became Ama, divers who dive for seafood. But today, this town is suffering from a serious lack of successors. However, there are 2 young people who are determined to spend their lives out at sea. Aiko is a young woman who moved to the town 4 years prior from Tokyo to be an Ama diver. Shusuke, a young man who conducts fishing tours with his father, makes the bold move to build a brand-new boat. This program looks at how in Ijika, times have changed, but the townspeople’s wish for great hauls has not.

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