Autumn bijoux – Japanese finest – jewellery pop-up edit.1; 1-30 September

Autumn bijoux – Japanese finest – jewellery pop-up edit.1; 1-30 September

Having braved the massive and ongoing challenges, we need a little something to treat ourselves this autumn.
While the offer out there ranges from cutting edge spiritual cleanses to goofy household trinkets, here at the Sway Gallery we have brought together a resplendent collection of hand-crafted jewellery from Japan. Bijoux are a girl’s best friend after all!
Please note that most of the pieces hand-picked on this occasion are available only at the Sway Gallery if you want to have them outside of Japan.

The independent jewellers’ pop-up will grace our gallery from September to November!
Every month we will be introducing you to four new artisans: well-established craftswomen and men whose creations are a unique blend of skill, love and imagination ready to dispel dark autumn clouds and bring us joy this coming season.

Participating artisans: atelier mozu, GINNEZU, Greenford and YouRuMaru

atelier mozu

Atelier mozu was founded in a small studio in Tokyo in 2010.
Wild flowers and grasses are the main motifs inspiring the work of this jewellery maker.
The aim of atelier mozu’s creations is to reenact the vitality of the plant world which we encounter unexpectedly in our everyday life.
The artisan would be delighted if, once you have worn his jewellery, you could feel a little closer to the world of plants.



Tomoaki Yamazaki was born in 1970, at Hachioji city, Tokyo.
He had worked at an atelier as a craftsman for more than two decades, and he acquired the national qualification :”First-class technician of precious metal”.
In 2011, he established his atelier, and started his own company “GINNEZU”. By the way, Japanese word ”Ginnezu” is another name of silver colour, deriving from “Gin-Nezumi (Silver gray mouse)”. Silver material has a mysterious allure which is beyond our description. Tomoaki is a silversmith, and one of the craftsmen who were fascinated with the allure of this material. Actually, more than a few centuries ago, Japanese people also preferred silver to gold, as well as Europeans did in the past.
This first-class silversmith focuses mainly on beauties of nature; plants, animals, and Japanese scenery. He is adept at engraving delicate line, making elaborate “mill-grains(small round protrusion)” on the surface of his work, and especially expressing the four seasons of Japan.



The artisan was born in 1982 in Hyogo prefecture.
After working in the apparel and retail industry the artisan set up her brand “Greenford” in 2014.
Greenford jewellery is made of threads and,  العناية بالبشرة as for the method in which it is crafted, multiple techniques are applied.
The artisan mainly uses extra thin cotton or silk thread combining it with natural stones or antique materials. Each and every piece is unique and hand-crafted.
The light design of the pieces makes them stress-free to wear and suitable for any occasion.
Greenford aims to be the jewellery that nestles up into your everyday life.



YouRuMaru is a unit of Suguru Funaki and Rie Sumi, who express the connection and integration of different fields such as yoga and art under the concept of “Connect” “Flow” and “Relax”.
Using Japanese traditions and techniques, they create three-dimensional works of art that evoke a sense of body and mind relaxation, as well as light installations and event production.

In the course of our daily lives, we remember our connection with nature and ourselves, and our hearts and bodies become relaxed.
We are happy if our works connect people and nature and make the rounds.


Caring about health of our customers and staff, we will be adhering to the social distancing measure guidelines.

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