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Cup noodles Japanese Tasting Team itsu

Cup noodles The Japanese Tasting Team

With the boom in Japanese food in the UK, there are loads of Japanese-style food products hitting the shelves of your supermarkets. From a Japanese perspective some of them are just like wtf were they thinking??!? While are more yummmmm! In this column, our intrepid team of Japanese food tasters will give you their unvarnished opinions.

To start us off, we decided to look at that well-known gourmet delicacy, noodles in a cup. Famously invented in Japan by Ando Momofuku, the founder of Nissin Foods. We grabbed a few different cup noodles we found at the supermarket, and opted for chicken flavour for our tasting comparison. The favourite British brand, Pot Noodles, was rejected by our all-Japanese tasting panel, simply because they are disgusting. But we decided to add Japanese brand Cup Noodles to the test because the ones you can get here are manufactured outside Japan. So, how convinced was our panel?

So, how convinced was our panel?

In third place, “itsu”.

Cup noodles Japanese Tasting Team itsu

63g 163kcal £2.00
Packed in the UK


Cup noodles Japanese Tasting Team itsu

They’ve gone with a healthy concept. They’re gluten free, and they’ve opted for harusame noodles which means they are low-calorie – about half of their competitors.

They’re supposed to be chicken flavoured, but the taste is closer to a Thai curry with a slightly acidic edge. It’s a pretty meagre portion so it probably won’t fill you up. If you’re going to add an additional dish to your lunch, watch out for those extra calories!

to be continue…

Last one is “KABUTO NOODLES”


Our Ranking

No.1 Bang! Bang! Noodles
No.3 itsu