No24 [Language] Omoshiroi yo NIHONGO!

The Japanese language loves to shorten and combine words and has long been abundant with clever abbreviations and amalgamations.

Let’s learn to use some of them in conversation!

Japanese word or phrase to learn this month


In Japan, there are a lot of small 24/7 stores, in which you can find many everyday essentials at reasonable prices. The word “konbini” derives from the English word, ‘convenient’. In fact, it is convenient to shop in there, as you can quickly go and buy something, all day and all night. With the lines ranging from hot food to cold bento (Japanese lunchbox), ice cream to sweets, various drinks and even magazines, “conbini” is a great ally to the busy Japanese.


The words “konbini” and “bento” were combined to make up the phrase, “biniben”. It is the bento that is sold at “konbini” stores.