No50 [LANGUAGE] Omoshiroi yo NIHONGO!

Welcome once again, to the fascinating world of Japanese language.
In this issue, let’s take a look at some key words you might see when out shopping in places such as supermarkets, clothes shops, grocery stores and the like. As you may imagine, these phrases can be put to use straight away!


Taimu seeru(タイムセール)= Daily discount time
In Japan, many food shops institute a discount period called a ‘Taimu seeru’(Lit: “Time sale”), usually starting at around 5 or 6 p.m. and lasting until closing time. Its purpose is to reduce losses on items that are nearing their sell by dates and clear out old stock. For example, packs of sushi, obento (packaged lunches), sashimi and many other foods can be found on sale at bargain prices during this time!

Ima ga shun (いまが旬)= In season
Different seasonal ingredients can be found all year round in Japanese supermarkets. It goes without saying that what is currently in season will be fresh, tasty and healthy.
Look out for the ‘Ima ga shun’ labels to get a real taste of the season!

Clothes shops

Feisu kabaa (フェイスカバー)= Face cover (a cover used for protecting clothes from make-up)
When you try on clothes in shops, particularly in high end shops, you might have to use a face cover to protect the merchandise from makeup stains that would make them unsaleable. When this is required the staff will use the phrase ‘Feisu kabaa wo otsukai kudasai’ = Please, use a face cover.
Wearing a face cover is simply good etiquette, thinking of the shop and other customers.

3 soku xx yen (3足xx円)= 3 for xx yen
You can often get items such as socks or underwear at a cheaper unit price if you buy 3 pieces at the same time. These offers are also called ‘Matome gai ga otoku (まとめ買いがお得)’, literally meaning “a good deal to buy things together”.

Grocery stores

Gentei guzzu / shouhin (限定グッズ / 商品)= Limited edition goods
“Gentei” means that there is some kind of limit on a product’s availability, such as the region where it is sold, the season it is available, a special discount price period or that it is a limited run design.

Corabo guzzu / shouhin (コラボグッズ / 商品) = Tie-in or collaboration products
“Corabo” is an abbreviation of the English “collaboration” and used when different brands do tie-in campaigns. For example, a sweets manufacturer might collaborate with an animation production to make and sell sweets branded with the images of characters from the show. These kind of goods are often limited edition ‘gentei’ merchandise, as well.

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