No50 [TRADITION] Tango no sekku


In Japan, the 5th of May is a day of celebration for the health and growth of children, especially boys. There are quite a few traditions associated with the day itself, in particular the display of striking carp-shaped wind socks called “koinobori”. The carp is a traditional symbol of power and virility because of the way it fights its way up swift-running streams, and people have believed that this strength and determination is a metaphor for the stand that boys have to take in life.
From April, shops will start to sell “Kashiwa-mochi”, bean paste filled rice cakes wrapped in a leaf from a particular type of oak tree, to celebrate this children’s day. As the leaf of this particular tree, known as the Emperor Oak, stays on the tree until the branch has a new bud, it is seen as a metaphor for the idea that one’s line of descendants will continue on indefinitely. Although Tango no Sekku is mainly a day for boys, everyone can enjoy the cool spring breezes with a blue sky above – even here in England!

Keiko Uchida
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