October’s focus is on Aomori on NHK WORLD-JAPAN


Meet the Beat of the Far North

October 22 (Fri.) 18:45 UK Time

no art, no life plus

Tsushima Koya, Aomori

Outsider artists like Tsushima Koya are gaining recognition around the world. Although he creates mainly for himself, others have taken notice. See how these artists live and work.

October 24 (Sun.) 19:10 UK Time

A Four Movement Sonata: Tsugaru Shamisen

The Tsugaru Shamisen is a stringed instrument named after the region where it was developed in Aomori Prefecture. As one of the snowiest places in the world, harsh Tsugaru winters are said to have given rise to a unique sound that is both energetic and sorrowful. Through 2 leading young performers of its repertoire today, explore the history of the region against the delicate and dynamic scenery of Tsugaru, and a captivating soundtrack. An invitation to the fascinating world of Tsugaru Shamisen.

aomori NHK WORLD sJAAPN hamisen 06
aomori NHK WORLD JAAPN shamisen 07

October 30 (Sat.) 18:25 UK Time

AOMORI Darwin's Amazing Animals NHK WORLD JAPAN OWL

Darwin’s Amazing Animals

TFar-Sighted Tie-Up — Owl, Japan

The Tsugaru Plain in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture is the top apple producing region in the country. But a menace threatens these succulent treats. Voles wreak havoc by gnawing at and destroying the trees. In response, farmers have begun building “owl houses” to attract the pesky rodent’s natural predator. Our cameras capture the night hunter in action both in the orchards and in their man-made nests raising their adorable young. “Owl” is well with this win-win, far-sighted fruit-bearing tie-up!

October 31(Sun.) 18:10 UK Time

Train Cruise

The Passage of Time in the Snowy North

Traverse the sublime winter wonderland in the northern reaches of Honshu on local lines. Tsugaru Railway is famous for the coal-fired stove on its train. Wonder at the rugged coastline along the Sea of Japan on the JR Gono Line. The Konan Railway is a lifeline for local residents. Visit the old temples, sake breweries, and wooden buildings designated as important cultural properties, and savor the local dishes. Enjoy a slow journey through tranquil snowscapes and sense the passing of time.


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