No10 [Restaurant] Authentic family-run sushi bar in Camden Town

no10rAuthentic family-run sushi bar in Camden Town

Sushi is undoubtedly the most famous Japanese dish, comprising of vingered rice either rolled up (maki) or set in a block (nigiri) and topped with raw fish or vegetables. As Japanese cuisine is now widely recognised, sushi isn’t very hard to get in both restaurants and supermarkets across the country. However, finding delicious, genuine Japanese sushi is a little harder. Luckily, traditional family run Sushi-bar in London do exist, and “Sushi Waka” in Camden town is one of the best. It’s an unassuming and homely little place, where Japanese artefacts such as flags, fans, dolls and wooden trinkets adorn the space, as do many personal mementos, such as the wall of family fishing trip photos, but these are not overly intrusive and only add to the welcoming atmosphere. There are also many placards of praise, written personally by famous Japanese and British clientèle, which are proudly scattered around. The venue has been serving up delectable bites of sushi for over 20 years and it’s not hard to see why, as we indulge in the Sushi Waka Special set (£19.50) which comprises of a selection of sushi, tempura, teriyaki chicken, extra rice and a bowl of miso soup. The sushi rice is perfectly made, and the fish is wonderfully fresh, with cuts of soft oily salmon, and tuna sashimi that melts in the mouth. The prawn and vegetable tempura is light and fluffy, just as it should be, and the miso soup is as you’d expect to get in Japan, loaded with wakame seaweed and small cubes of silky tofu. For an authentic Japanese setting to match your meal, head upstairs to the private tatami floored room. A fantastic setting, it holds between 12-20 people, and is ideal for boozy gatherings when you want to have a good time without bothering your fellow diners. In traditional style, shoes are removed at the entrance, and your pew consists of a humble cushion on the floor, set beside low tables. With no minimum spend and party menus at a reasonable price (£20) for groups of 10 or more, it’s the perfect place to kick back and relax with a beer. Or maybe make a start on some of that shochu.

Janan Jedrzejewski


Sushi Waka