No48 [Tradition] Momo no sekku

hina matsuri
Special doll called hina ningyo to celebrate Momo no sekku, along with chirashi-zushi.
There are special days set aside in Japan to wish health and growth for children, and the 3rd of March, known as “Momo no sekku” is dedicated to girls. Japan is such a male-oriented society, and it is not always easy being a woman there. However, on Momo no sekku, the girls take a leading role for a change.

In preparation for their great day, girls will put out special dolls and peach blossoms, which are also a reminder that wonderful spring time is just around the corner. There are special foods to accompany these celebrations too, the main ones being chirashi-zushi and clam soup. Chirashi-zushi is a type of sushi salad with many colourful ingredients, such as root vegetables and seafood. It is absolutely delicious, very healthy and even looks like spring petals – the perfect party dish! The significance of clams is that they do not match with any other kind of shell, a metaphor for wishing a girl will meet the love of her life.

Even if you don’t have the dolls, why not celebrate this special day by decorating with peach blossoms, cooking up some chirashi-zushi and deciding to take a leading role for a change?!


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