No29 [Drinking] Ginjo – unlike that of many others


Ginjo – unlike that of many others

At long last the cold nights have finally ended and we are trasitioning into spring. With the change of the season, I would like recommend an appropriate sake to accompany the brighter days. In this month’s column I would like to showcase a popular fruity Ginjo grade brew. Ginjo and Junmai Ginjo types of premium sake have a fruity and flowery character from the polished rice that is reduced down to 60% of its original size during the brewing process and then fermented at low temperature. The difference, however, is that Ginjo sake is rather light and easy to drink, whereas Junmai Ginjo has a heavier body and hence a richer taste. This month’s recommendation is “Takacho Junmai Ginjo Muroka Genshu”, which unusually, is slightly carbonated. Moreover, it is neither diluted, nor charcoal filtered before being bottled, unlike many similar brands, meaning that you will be pleasantly surprised by the vivacious and powerful balance in its flavour. Be sure to hurry in getting a hold of his sake, as we only have limited availability!

Torisawa Noriyuki