No34 [Review] “Stella” Junmai Daiginjo


It’s finally September and this month I would like to introduce “stella Junmai Daiginjo” from a new sake brewery situated in Tsukuba city, Ibaraki prefecture.
Traditionally, sake breweries are usually founded by men, so this particular brand is very special in that it was created by a lady named Mrs. Inaba. The word “stella” is most familiar to British drinkers as a beer brand, but originally it comes from Latin and means “star”. The choice of name actually came from an experience Mrs. Inaba had when she was walking at night and stumbled upon a sky full of stars, which had inspired her to create her unique sake. Stella is made from the Gohyakumangoku / Yamadanishiki rice brand, with Tsukuba mountain spring water added. since her brewery is much smaller compared to most, much of Mrs. Inaba’s brewing process is carried out by hand, meaning she puts her time and care into each and every bottle she makes. You will experience a fruity, refreshing and smooth taste the moment you put the bottle to your mouth. why not give it try today?!

Torisawa Naoyuki

Illustration: Akiko Ishibashi