No32 [Drinking] Sparkling and lively


It’s June, and the atmosphere of early summer is finally approaching, as blue skies fill our days with extended sunshine. It is a season to celebrate, celebrating graduation, the end of the school year, or simply just to celebrate the past year’s hard work. To accompany all of your well earned celebrations, this month’s sake recommendation is the sparkling sake Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi. Whilst served in a rather unconventionally designed bottle, the district “rice” flavour of the sake is still very apparent. Unlike most sakes, this recipe is brewed with two different types of yeast; one a common variety and the other a unique type made with honey. This combination gives a flowery fragrance and delightful flavour, which is only highlighted by the carbonation, making Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi a truly lively brew. This sake can be enjoyed both as an aperitif or during your meal. Suitable for the taste buds of even sake novices, it is very enjoyable for all types of occasion. Make sure to get your hands on this unique sparking blend before it’s gone!

Torisawa Naoyuki