No31 [Review] It’s a woody flavour


It’s May! Finally, a time for relaxing and soaking up some sun with family and friends. Opportunities to enjoy food, drink and company outside have increased and I’m certain that BBQ’s and picnics will soon be on everyone’s minds. For that reason, this month’s sake recommendation is a perfect match for barbequed meat. May’s sake is Taruhei, a type of Taruzake. Taruzake means “barrel sake” because it is aged in wooden casks, giving a fragrant, woody note to the flavour. Although most sake aged in wooden casks is of an average grade, Taruhei utilises premium quality “Tokubetsu Junmai” for this process. Yamagata prefecture’s “Sasanishiki” rice is used to make the base sake, which is then aged in barrels of top quality cedar known as “Yoshinosugi”, giving the finished brew its unique taste! Taruhei’s rich blend of sweet and slightly acidic flavours packs it with a body full of punch! The brand is also produced without charcoal filtering, giving it an unusual golden yellow colour. Taruhei’s subtle cedar note is definitely not one to be missed, so come and get some this month whilst stock lasts!

Torisawa Naoyuki