No7 [Drinking] Japanese Sake: Sweet, Soft and Sparkly!


Japanese Sake: Sweet, Soft and Sparkly!

Sparkling sake? Why not? In a field once thought to be very traditional, this is a sparkling innovation. “Mio Sparkling Sake” has just the right balance of sweetness and sourness for sake with the added freshness of millions of tiny bubbles, just like champagne. It comes in a uniquely shaped opaque, deepblue bottle, with the most elegant and beautiful design. With only 5% alcohol, refreshing and easy to drink, “Mio Sparkling Sake” is most popular among young adults, who are always keen to try new experiences. If you know your sake you’ll have some expectations – a mild, refreshing, fruity flavour with a soft note of sweet citrus. But this is special – the bubbles give a new dimension to this traditional drink – and make it a sake for those special occasions, as well as just relaxing with friends. What’s in a name? The name ‘Mio’ means two things in Japanese: ‘flowing shallow water’ and ‘a wake of bubbles behind a boat’. ‘Shallow’ implies low-alcohol and ‘wake of bubbles’ implies bubbles. And that’s the sparkling element – the celebratory factor which makes it a great alternative to champagne, making this the perfect gift! That’s if you can resist enjoying it yourself.

Available at Japan Centre, Rice Wine Shop and various restaurants.