No27 [Drinking] A delightful tipple for a great price


A delightful tipple for a great price

More than 10 years have passed since I came to London. There used to be a very limited selection of sakes available in retail shops, such as Ozeki Usa and a few local sake, but the popularity of the drink has grown alongside an increasing interest in Japanese cuisine, and there are now many different brands available in London. This is a delightful change for one particular sake lover! Even though sake’s popularity has increased, many people often don’t try sake in Japanese restaurants because it can be expensive, but if the price gets in the way then why not try drinking it at home? You can drink from a traditional sake cup or even in a wine glass. “Kikuisami” is a Junmai grade sake brewed with “Dewasansan” and “Dewanosato”, special types of sake rice grown in Yamagata prefecture. As you may know, the more polished the rice is, the more elegant and fruity the sake’s flavour becomes, which also affects the price. This sake is slightly more polished than others in the same grade but you can enjoy its slightly fruity and rich taste, chilled or warm, for a very reasonable price!!

Torisawa Naoyuki