No33 [Cooking] Chicken and Bamboo Shoots with Soy Sauce and Ginger



Chicken and Bamboo Shoots with Soy Sauce and Ginger

Lovely hot or cold, it’s a one-pot dish very simple to make. The combination of ginger and soy sauce is such an oriental delight. Don’t be intimidated by the unusual ingredients, they are delicious and you can find bamboo shoots in a tin at most large supermarkets. To make it perfect do take time at the end, the ingredients absorb the sauce while they cool down. If you want to eat it hot wait until it cools first, then reheat.

Serves 2
● 300g Chicken Breast
● 150g Bamboo Shoots
● 60g Mange Tout
● 15g Ginger
● 20ml Yutaka Organic Tamari Soy Sauce
● 20ml Yutaka Mirin Seasoning
● ½ tsp Yutaka Cooking Sake
● 1 tsp Sugar
● 2 tsp Olive Oil
● 100ml Water

1. Peel the carrots, cut into bite-sized pieces. Cut bamboo shoots into bite-sized pieces.
2. To cut ginger into fine strips, first peel the skin, then slice finely. Pile 3-4 slices on the chopping board then cut into fine strips. Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces.
3. Add olive oil to a saucepan on medium heat. Stir-fry chicken lightly until it turns white.
4. Add carrots, bamboo shoots and ginger, keep stirring for a minute. Add water, soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar, then cook for 20 minutes with lid on. Mix the ingredients every now and then to avoid burning them. When the ingredients are cooked, turn off the heat and add mange tout. Keep the lid on and rest for at least 30 minutes, or until it cools to room temperature.