No5 [Drinking] The drink that’s pretty in pink


The drink that’s pretty in pink

Drinking alcohol is not normally associated with improving your looks, but more likely the pale, blotchy skin of the morning after. Two new products from Japanese brewing giant Gekkeikan attempt to change this image however. Kirei ume-shu (plum wine) and Kirei momo-shu (peach liqueur) from the Petit Moon label, contain two ingredients more usually found in beauty products. Collagen in the plum, and hyaluronic acid, undergoing a bit of a craze in Japan at the moment, in the peach. The pink labelled bottles, available at the Japan centre, either online or at their Regent Street store, are clearly aimed at the young female market, and claim to rejuvenate the skin and help the body’s regenerative process. The peach version is slightly sweeter, but they both taste very fruity and light, with a low alcohol content so they go down very easily, either neat, on the rocks, with soda or as a mixer in cocktails. Whether they actually work is a matter for discussion, but what’s certainly true is they are great for relaxing at the end of the day, without worrying too much about how your head feels in the morning.

Gekkeikan Kirei Umeshu plum wine 300ml £7.20
Gekkeikan Kirei Momoshu peach liqueur 300ml £7.20
(*Prices may be subject to change) Japan Centre