No36 [Drinking] Sparkling and lively


It’s november and this month I would like to introduce a fine brew called “Hakurosuishu Junmai Daiginjo” from Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture. Koji mould is one of the most important ingredients for sake making. In this particular brewery all the sake above Junmai grade are brewed with koji made by using a special process called the “Isshoumori koji buta” method. whilst time consuming, this enables the brewer to control the temperature during the koji making process, resulting in a mould of exceptional quality. This then helps produce a sake which has a strong savoury flavour and a sharp aftertaste. Hakurosuishu is made from rice specifically grown for sake making around the three mountains of Dewa and mineralrich spring water extracted from deep beneath Mt. Gassan – an ultra-soft and naturally sterile water. The sake tastes light and smooth, with a full savoury flavour and a crisp finish. It can either be drunk on its own or make a great accompaniment to fish or meat dishes, such as grilled salmon or roast beef. I hope you enjoy tasting this new sake.

SSI sake sommelier Naoyuki has been in charge of ordering, selling sake and shochu at the Japan Centre since 2006.