Special Curry … Stephen Hawking would have wanted to try

Okayama is one of 47 Japanese prefectures, located in the western part of Honshu, Japan’s mainland. Okayama has a city called ‘Asakuchi’. This city built its own astronomy museum in 1960, and this March saw the museum’s reopened after being closed for over 6 months for restoration.

Asakuchi is now keen to establish itself as ‘the city of astronomy’. So, as part of the promotion, the city’s food manufacturer, Global Foods Corporation, has developed ‘Asakuchi Space Curry’ (as you do!).


This curry’s major characteristic is its completely black sauce, coloured with bamboo charcoal. This unusual colour for curry is, apparently, inspired by the black hole. This sauce contains the beef pieces, onions, carrots, you know, the usual suspects in the Japanese-style curry.


Despite its ominous colour, it is said that the heat is mild so that children and the elderly can enjoy it too.

One portion (200g) is roughly £4.00. Quite reasonable to experience the black hole, and you eat it rather than being eaten. But, you will need to save up for not-soreasonable flight tickets first, as this curry is only available in the Asakuchi Astronomy Museum.