Mushroom or Bamboo Shoot? that is the question…(1/2)

that is the question…

Many of you know that Japan offers a variety of yummy snacks; did you know that there are so many different flavours of KitKat in Japan, which you never see in the UK? If you don’t believe me, just Google it. When we are away from Japan for a while, we start missing our favourite snacks before we miss our mothers!

Each one of us has a firm favourite snack or two (or maybe more). If your friend loves ‘Kappa Ebisen’ and you think ‘Kara Mucho’ is so much better, don’t argue. Unless you are prepared to see blood or to lose your friend. It’s that serious.

The most serious question of all is: Is ‘Kinoko no Yama’ better than ‘Takenoko no Sato’?



Both are small biscuits coated in chocolate, but ‘Kinoko no Yama’ is shaped as a baby mushroom, and ‘Takenoko no Sato’ is shaped as a tiny bamboo shoot.

So…? I can hear you saying. But this has quietly divided the country for decades because you only like one or the other. This conflict even has a name: Kino-Take Battle. Saying ‘I like both’ is not allowed. Even to think so is criminal.

The difference? Very subtle, but importantly so. The level of sweetness, the biscuit texture, chocolate and biscuit ratio ‒ everything is slightly different. We know these subtleties then take sides.


After a 38-year long battle, their manufacturer Meiji Seika has finally decided to put an end to this cold war and regain peace in Japan.

But, how? I will tell you next time…