Mushroom or Bamboo Shoot? Interim Report

I hope you remember that, back in April, I told you about “Kino-Take Battle”: the battle between ‘Kinoko no Yama’ devotees and ‘Takenoko no Sato’ fanatics.

I couldn’t resist finding out what was happening to their referendum campaign.

Despite the general (well, mostly mine) predication that it would be neck-and-neck, shock horror for the ‘Kinoko no Yama’ devotees, they are losing big time! The final day is now so close, they are desperately trying to take the offensive in the last few weeks.

They introduced the new celebrity supporter who has broadcast the new manifestos on YouTube. They are also encouraging ‘Takenoko no Sato’ fans to change their minds by bribing them. If you follow Kinoko no Yama’s Twitter account and re-tweet with ‘#I have changed my mind and now support Kinoko campaign’, you could win some nice stuff; Wagyu beef (yes, please!), mushroom-shaped jewelleries (who wants that?), etc.

It’s a really critical time for ‘Kinoko no Yama’ supporters. I will reveal the final result here on the Zoom Japan website. Watch this space…