No2 [Cooking] Inari Zushi

no2Inari zushi

Inari zushi are made from fried tofu that is boiled to be sweet or bittersweet and stuffed with boiled rice. When the rice inside is infused with vinegar it is classified as a kind of sushi and the name of the dish is said to come from an old folk tale where fried tofu was the favourite food of a fox that was also the servant of the deity Inari. The rounded shape of Inari Zushi is symbolic of a rice sack and so said to be fortuitous. Being so simple and convenient to eat, Inari Zushi are a very popular food among all ages, with many dedicated fans, both adults and children. The soy-sauce flavoured tofu in combination with the vinegared rice provides a distinct and unusual flavour. Guaranteed to be a hit at picnics or parties!



Cooked Rice 500g
Half pack of Sushiraku Inari Age

How to prepare

1. Use the sticky rice such as Akitakomachi and boil it as usual. Once ready split the rice into 10 separate portions and lightly squeeze each portion together into small barrel-shaped lozenges.

2-3. Remove the Inari Age from its packaging and open.

4. Insert the rice into the Inari Age pockets. The Inari Age will stretch slightly so you can push the rice in but they are also quite delicate so take care not to split them open when filling. If you are making Inari Zushi for the first time then it is recommended to use slightly less rice to make them easier to fill.

5. Once the Inari Age pocket has been filled with rice to around 90% capacity, fold over the remaining flaps to close it like a parcel.

6. Serve with the folded side facing downwards.
For an even tastier treat you can also mix sliced ginger pickles or sesame seeds in with the rice to taste.

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