No6 [Eating] Dorayaki: Japanese Pancake Journey!!!


Dorayaki: Japanese Pancake Journey!!!

Dorayaki is a Japanese pancake which traditionally contains a red bean paste filling (Anko/Azuki beans). The traditional “Azuki Dorayaki” has a subtle yet sweet flavour; and although the beans have been crushed, there are still whole beans left which adds another dimension to the texture. However, apart from “Azuki Dorayaki”, other flavours are available including “Green Tea Dorayaki” and “Custard Dorayaki”. The green tea dorayaki contains a cream filling which is infused with a tender hint of green tea. The green tea flavouring is strong enough to alert the consumer as to its existence, however, it is not overpowering. The custard dorayaki on the other hand contains not cream, but as the name suggests, custard. The custard is not too sweet and works well together with the dorayaki. On a final note, these are just two of the many varieties of dorayaki now available on the market. Other flavours include “Strawberries & Cream”; “Cream Cheese Anko”; “Lemon Cheesecake” and “Chocolate”. All are incredibly delicious and pleasing to a wide variety of palates. So next time you feel like eating dorayaki, why not try “Custard” or maybe even “Chocolate”?! They are definitely crowd pleasers!

Available at The Japan Centre and various Japanese supermarkets.
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