No35 [Event] Yesterday’s techniques, today’s perspectives


With surface Tension, a group exhibition bringing together work by Masaya Hashimoto, sachiko Kazama, Kumi Machida and Hidenori yamaguchi, the white Rainbow gallery offers a wonderful introduction to Japanese artistic output, which is both traditional and contemporary in outlook. Most of the artists on display use proven traditional techniques that have been employed for centuries, but instead of limiting themselves to simply re-treading old ground, they bring the traditions to life in a contemporary context, allowing them to question and observe today’s Japan. The great strength that lies behind this approach shines through in these works, on show in London until the 7th of November. Kumi Machida has become internationally recognized for depicting haunting biomorphic humans awakening from surreal dream-like states. She combines a classical education in traditional nihonga painting with contemporary motifs to create her own unique style. sachiko Kazama’s woodcuts similarly remain true to the origins of the medium, although the states of hyper-reality in her prints satirize contemporary society. Each work is created as a unique print, despite the use of a medium intended to generate multiple copies. At first glance, Hidenori Yamaguchi’s ink wash paintings appear to be photographs but his detailed depictions of contemporary scenery are in fact painted with fine brush and ink on silk and paper. This astonishing level of detail can also be seen in the work of selftaught sculptor Masaya Hashimoto, who lives and works in a Buddhist temple. He uses the bones and antlers of deer to make delicate sculptural works that question the notion of perpetuity and rebirth.

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Photo: Sachiko Kazama, Freedon Pavillion – from the series heisei expo 2010, 38 x 53cm