No49 [TRADITION] Hanami

In japan, the fall of the cherry blossoms announces the start of spring. many temples, shrines, parks and schools, as well as private houses have wonderful cherry trees, which create a stunning blizzard of petals with a particular elegance and innocence between late march and early April.
The japanese love to picnic under the falling cherry blossoms, an occasion called hanami (lit: flower viewing), not just in the day-time but in the evenings too. It can be pretty chilly in the evenings at this time of year, so drinking sake helps everyone stay warmed up. of course, people will also drink beer, green tea or whatever goes with their picnic food, as they gather with friends and colleagues. The tradition of hanami in japan has a very long history, and one of the classics of japanese literature, ‘The Tale of Genji’, written in the 11th century, even describes a hanami gathering at the Imperial Court.
The falling of the blossoms is a stunning and unforgettable sight, an endless mass of graceful pink or white flowers moving in the wind. perhaps what we feast our eyes on is the best picnic food after all!

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