Summer with Kuzu Manju

Kuzu Manju are a well-known type of confectionary that are traditionally eaten during the summertime in Japan. They have been eaten since the Edo period (1603 -1868) and consist of a jellied ball containing a sweet red bean paste. This can be either adzuki bean paste or white bean paste, and the other main ingredients are simply starch flour,sugar and water. The taste of a kuzu manju is strongly influenced by the water used in making it and the softness of the bean paste.

The paste is then wrapped in a clear covering of steamed kuzu starch, made from the root of the kuzu plant, which gives the finished sweet an earthy fragrance and a unique translucent appearance. This sweet treat even looks cooling, and its soft, juicy texture and refreshing flavour makes it a very popular type of wagashi to eat during the summer. And they taste even better if you leave them to cool in a refrigerator or in cold water before you take the first bite! As one of the delights of summer in Japan, kuzu manju are best enjoyed paired with a glass of ice cold mugicha (barley tea) or even cold matcha.

Minamoto Kitchoan
The taste of authentic Japanese confectionary.

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