No61 An escape called chichibu

Fewer than 100 km from the centre of the capital, this region has everything to satisfy all your senses. The colourful decorations of the Chichibu-jinja Shrine resemble those of the Nikko Shrine in many respects.   The city of Tokyo is known for its dynamism, but also for the accompanying stres[...]

No60 Hanami : Japan’s fleeting beauties

Every year, the Japanese wait impatiently for the brief moment they are able to delight in the cherry blossom. People gather along the banks of the Kyobashi River in Hiroshima to contemplate this fleeting beauty.   Japan is in the grip of cherry blossom fever once again. As the blossom front sw[...]

[DISCOVERY] in the east, the call of nature

The Shiretoko Peninsula has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2005.   Nature lovers and travellers in search of wild landscapes will find their hearts desire in Hokkaido. Whatever the season you choose to travel to Hokkaido, you can be sure that nature will be clothed in her finest attire[...]
The Ishinomori Manga Museum

[TRAVEL] Journey to the land of manga

The Ishinomori Manga Museum, also known as the Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum, has some wonderful surprises for lovers of the work of Cyborg 009’s creator. A tour around Japan on the trail of comic book heroes is easily arranged. There are many good reasons to visit Japan. You could be captivated by [...]
p16 Travel DISCOVERYKagura's affinity with Hiroshima

No57 [DISCOVERY] Kagura’s affinity with Hiroshima

The monster and the umbrella seller, performed by the Yokota Kagura troupe.   This theatrical art form intended to entertain the gods is particularly wellestablished in this still very rural region. Climbing the lantern-lit steps to Waseda Jinja, a small Shinto shrine on the outskirts of Hirosh[...]

No56 [FOCUS] Otsu, the authentic flavour of japan

For an uninterrupted view over Lake Biwa, just go to Biwako Terrace.   Avoid the suffocating crowds of tourists in Kyoto, by visiting this lakeside city ten minutes away from the former capital. oh Kyoto! With its temples, shrines, history and… its tourists. The former Imperial capital city h[...]

No56 [LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT] A warm welcome to Inase

Otsu offers visitors a range of accommodation. From luxury hotels on the shores of Lake Biwa to Enryaku-ji Temple, where you can stay in a modest room, one is spoilt for choice. Among the numerous available places in the lakeside city, Inase stands out for its character and high quality service. It [...]

No55 [DISCOVERY] Miyajima: foods of the Gods

The miyajima torii is as celebrated as mount Fuji around the world. / Angeles Marin Cabello for Zoom Japan   Known for its floating shrine and its torii rising out of the water, the island is also a gourmet’s paradise. Everyone loves Miyajima. It’s a World Heritage Site, one of Japan’s To[...]

No54 Shimane, homeland of sumo

The tradition is nurtured from a very young age on the Oki Islands. To find out more about the origins of this very popular sport, you need to travel to the west of the archipelago. It’s nearly 6.30pm in the village of Goka, on Dogo, the largest of the Oki Islands in the prefecture of Shimane [see[...]

No53 Ogasawara: The treasure archipelago

Situated more than 1,000 km away from Tokyo, a large part of the Ogasawara archipelago is still very wild . Shibuya, Harajuku and even Shinjuku are all part of Tokyo, but so is this string of islands 1,000 km from the city. From the bridge of Ogasawara Maru, passengers take photos of the first reefs[...]