No55 [MEDIA] Humility has has its downside

Launched in 2015, and edited by MATSUOKA Ryota, this bi-monthly magazine has become very popular.   The number of TV shows and publications extolling the Japanese and their culture is increasing. What lies behind this trend? However surprising it may seem, the Japanese, who are known for being [...]

No54 [ENCOUNTER] The politically engaged Keiichiro

Hirano Keiichiro is not just an immensely talented novelist; he is also very interested in politics and writesmany essays on the subject. The novelist is an acute observer of society. He never hesitates to express his views when he thinks it’s necessary. author and Akutagawa Prize winner Hirano Ke[...]

No53 [Book] Tokyo, the capital of pop culture

Our colleague Gianni Simone has released an original and thorough guide, which will delight lovers of manga, anime and games. Throughout all the years he has worked with us, Gianni Simone, a contributor to Zoom since its inception, has demonstrated his deep knowledge of Japan and the Japanese people[...]

No52 [ANIME] What a masterpiece !

Katabuchi Sunao had a lot of difficulties to make his film, but he never gave up. Despite the success of Your Name, Katabuchi Sunao’s film was released to well deserved critical acclaim. After six difficult years in which it often seemed that it would never be completed, Katabuchi Sunao’s In Thi[...]

No52 [MUSIC] Watch out! Wolves are out!

Hungry like the wolf. We spoke to the leader of man with a mission in advance of their performance in London on June 22nd.   According to the story, five half-man, half-wolf creatures emerged from their deep-frozen state in 2010 due to global warming, and after some travelling around ended up i[...]

No51 [MUSIC] A fresh look at the J-music

Ian F. Martin runs Call and Response Records. In one of Tokyo’s trendy districts,we met up with someone who’s an expert on the Japanese rock scene. For English-speaking pop and rock music fans,it’s always been difficult to find reliable information on Japanese bands new and old. That’s espec[...]

No50 [EXHIBITION] Kusama Yayoi retrospective

The Tokyo National Art Centre is holding an exhibition dedicated to this exceptional artist until the 22nd of May. When asked to name internationally famous Japanese artists, most people will probably answer Ono Yoko (whose brilliant career is perennially obscured by her being Mrs John Lennon) or Ku[...]
the target, hiroshima, the 6the of August 1945, at 8.15am

No49 [MISSION] A man who wants to remember

On the 6th of August 1945 at 8.15am, Hiroshima was the target for the first atomic bomb attack in history. Three days later, it was Nagasaki’s turn. Hayashida Mitsuhiro has decided to fight to keep alive the memory of the atomic bomb victims. For many years, the long-running campaign to ban nuclea[...]

No49 [Well-being] The zazen experience

At first glance, sitting with a good posture to meditate looks difficult, but it’s actually quite easy. Just be careful not to doze off. Nothing helps you recharge your batteries like a session of mindfulness meditation. Shinsho-ji is the ideal place to practise it. In recent years, more and more [...]
mohikan comes home, okita shuichi

No48 [Cinema] Japan as you have never seen it

Two worlds collide in Okita Shuichi’s The Mohican Comes Home (Mohikan kokyo ni kaeru, 2016). The Japan Foundation is offering an interesting perspective on Japanese society for its 2017 Touring Film Programme. In Japan, I often get the impression that cinema is on its death bed. It’s not any[...]