No.77 [DESTINY] In the footsteps of a tragic genius

The iron bridge (rikkyo) spanning the tracks of the Chuo Line, which Dazai Osamu liked to frequent, is still a favourite spot for local inhabitants. Dazai Osamu is one of the most celebrated writers in the country, whose life and death are closely connected to the famous railway. For many years the [...]

No.77 [FOCUS] Following the Chuo Line

With its characteristic orange-striped coaches, the line cuts through the capital’s centre in a westerly direction through areas that are full of interest. Crossing the centre of the capital in a westerly direction, this railway occupies a special place in the heart of Tokyo. The Tokyo metropolis [...]

No.77 [A MUST-SEE] Tokyo-Broadway

Something to suit all tastes and purses. A 5-minute train journey from Shinjuku, Nakano district has established itself as one of the major centres of Otakuism. If Akihabara is the official, attention-seeking side of Otaku Tokyo, Nakano is its opposite, both geographically and temperamentally, quiet[...]

No.77 [DISCOVERY] At the heart of pop culture

Mr KIZAWA runs Gojira-ya, a shop where fans of Godzilla and other mythical characters find what they are looking for. Travelling westwards on the Chuo Line, you’ll discover a very special and culturally rich place. The vast suburban area which lies west of Shinjuku has traditionally been home to a[...]

No.77 [ENCOUNTER] Suginami delights

Greg Mudarri passionately defends his adopted neighbourhood. In charge of promoting the district, Greg Mudarri defends its original character. The westbound Chuo Line trains travel through the Tama plain before crossing into the prefectures of Kanagawa and Yamanashi. However, you don’t have to go [...]

No.76 [FOCUS] Once upon a time, wain…

Bottles of wine produced by Misawa Winery, Yamanashi Prefecture. For some years now, the Japanese have shown a real interest in this drink with a chequered history. For most Europeans who have never tasted or heard of Japanese wain (from the English “wine” to mean “wine from Japan”), that’[...]

No.76 [TREND] An industry full of promise

It’s the younger producers who have been developing new cultivation techniques. Even though the amount produced remains small, the conditions are in place to move up to the next level. The time of Japanese wine seems to have come, at last. After being considered just an import market for European,[...]

No.75 [FOCUS] No more bets!

There’s been a growing movement in South Korea over the past few months to boycott Japanese products./All Rights Reserved Both of the United States’ main allies in Asia are at daggers drawn, leading to a worrying situation. Relations between Japan and Korea have had their ups and downs for many [...]

No.75 [ANALYSIS] A never-ending quarrel

The Annexation Treaty formally placing Korea under Japanese rule was signed on 22 August 1910 by the pro-Japanese Prime Minister Yi Wan-yong and sealed by Sunjong, the last Emperor of Korea./All Rights Reserved According to OKUZONO Hideki, the two present governments have mismanaged the situation an[...]

No.75 [HISTORY] Over a century of complexity

Since 1905, the port of Shimonoseki has been one of the main entry points for Koreans in search of a better life in the Archipelago./All Rights Reserved To understand the reasons for the tensions, you need to be aware of the sometimes painful relations between the two countries. During the 1980s and[...]