No63 [HISTORY] A multifaceted interest

During the past few decades, the extent of Japan’s influence on the Western art world has been revealed. This poster for Clément bicycles, circa 1900, illustrates the Japanese influence.   The word “Japonisme” came into being after the successful visit of Japan’s official envoy to [...]

No63 [FOCUS] The roots of “Japonismes”

To coincide with the opening of a season devoted to Japanese culture, we invite you to discover the origins of Japonisme in France. It was thanks to the initiative of Siegfried Bing that the Society of Friends of Japanese Art came into being. Its meetings were announced on cards decorated “in the [...]

No62 [FOCUS] Hanno, a secret garden

This green lung in the Tokyo region is ideal for those who love walking and unusual discoveries. The Greater Tokyo area has no shortage of beautiful trekking and hiking trails, starting with Mount Takao in the capital’s western suburbs and, of course, the mighty Mount Fuji, which is only two hours[...]

No62 [FOCUS] Kurahashi – the gods’ choice

You’ll never grow weary of this island of paradise, which is often used as a film setting. i still experience the same emotion when we come round the mountain and see the little town with its blue roofs and the little islands on the horizon.   Who among us hasn’t dreamed of going to liv[...]

No62 [FOCUS] Oga, the wild coast

One of the most scenic areas in the country, the Oga Peninsula is really worth a visit Namahage are omnipresent on the Oga Peninsula.   Why are you going to Oga? There’s nothing there.” The woman in her 60s sitting next to me on the shinkansen to Akita was born on the Oga Peninsula, Akita P[...]

No62 [FOCUS] Yasugi’s taste of the eternal

Thanks to the Adachi Museum of Art surrounded by its magnificent garden, this small city is an essential place to visit. From behind vast bay windows, visitors can watch the way nature changes over the course of time.   François Berthier, one of the great historians of Japanese art and an expe[...]

No62 [FOCUS] Shichimen-san

Mount Fuji as you’ve never seen it before Awe-inspiring experiences typically start in mundane ways, and this was no exception. My friend Nicolas was penning a piece about the mysteries that lay in store for us, at the peak of Mount Shichimen. Our trip started with a bullet-train out of Tokyo,[...]

No62 [FOCUS] A journey of discovery

From the north to the south of the archipelago, we invite you to discover original and authentic places to visit. Thanks to a comprehensive railway network, it’s easy to travel throughout the country, which has encouraged the publication of some wonderful tourist maps.   Once again this year,[...]

No61 [TREND] A bold director

After working under the great Wakamatsu Koji, Shiraishi Kazuya knows exactly how to achieve his goals. SHIRAISHI Kazuya is hopeful that new players like Netflix will prove to be a good influence.   With his wealth of experience in television, Shiraishi Kazuya has succeeded in creating films aim[...]

No61 [AMBITION] Resolved to do it her way

In her films, Ogigami Naoko focuses on demonstrating that Japanese society needs to evolve. OGIGAMI Naoko would like to see Japanese society become more open.   Determined to write her own stories, the director, an admirer of Jim Jarmusch, applied techniques she learned during her long stay in [...]