No66 [IN THE EYE OF ERIC RECHSTEINER] Toyosu Market, Tokyo, Koto district

the world-famous tsukiji Fish market has closed down to make space for redevelopment linked to the olympic Games. it has moved into more modern premises in the new location of toyosu. this move was not without difficulties due to the numerous delays as a result of work to remove contaminated soil fr[...]

No65 [SERIES] Mayumi is a hope builder

After arriving in Niigata as a volunteer a few days after the tragedy of 11 March 2011, Nishimura Mayumi decided to live here. The tsunami that followed the earthquake on 11 March 2011 did not only destroy buildings. The region’s inhabitants were dispersed, and communal life almost fell apart. Whe[...]

No65 [IN THE EYE OF ERIC RECHSTEINER] Tokyo Korean School, Kito district

The detente between North and South Korea since the beginning of 2018 has aroused contrasting reactions in Japan. though the Japanese government remains very suspicious of North Korea, maintaining that it should be fully de-nuclearised and also return all the Japanese citizens abducted by Pyongyang,[...]

No63 [IN THE EYE OF ERIC RECHSTEINER] The Isumi line, Chiba Prefecture

While in some regions, notably Hokkaido, railway lines that are considered unprofitable are being closed down, elsewhere there are attempts to keep them going. Such is the case for the Isumi Railway company, which maintains a 26.8 km stretch of line between Isumi and Kazusa Nakano, in Chiba Prefectu[...]

No62 [SERIES] A new lease of life for objects

Not wanting to be shut up in an office, this young entrepreneur chose a career in recycling. By creating Geppi Kosaku-sha, Yamauchi Takeshi has found a excellent way of establishing links with other people in the city.   Though the earthquake in 2011 brutally destroyed so much, it also highligh[...]

No61 [SERIES] Expressing oneself through rap music

Gakudan Hitori, aged 30, has found his life has been enriched by choosing to place music at its heart. Since the age of 15, Gakudan Hitori has found that rapping has given his life meaning.   GAKUDAN Hitori was born in the city of Higashi-Matsushima, a municipality near Ishinomaki, where he’s[...]

No61 [IN THE EYE OF ERIC RECHSTEINER] Meguro district, Tokyo

Springtime might be synonymous with cherry blossom, but it’s also the start of the academic year for schools and universities, as we see here at the Komaba campus of Tokyo University. This is where students take their first steps in discovering not only the best teachers in the country but also su[...]

No60 [POLITICS] Edano Yukio ready for combat

As leader of the main opposition party, the former minister dreams of changing the rules governing the country. Edano Yukio (53), is president of the centre-left Rikken Minshuto CDP (Constitutional Democratic Party). The party won more than 50 seats in the general election in October 2017, and has e[...]