No.71 [ENCOUNTER] Sounds from the north

A major figure in the Japanese electro music scene, TAKAHASHI Kuniyuki discusses his musical background. DJ and sound engineer TAKAHASHI Kuniyuki works under many different aliases (Kuni, Koss, etc.), and for several years has been one of the most exciting music creators from Japan. His particular b[...]

No.70 [FOOD] Learning to eat well in Fukuroi

This city of 88,000 inhabitants has decided to gamble on the future and teach children the art of eating well. Meals are served in the classrooms by the pupils themselves.   When the lunch bell rings in konan elementary school in Fukuroi, in Shizuoka Prefecture, everyone knows what to do. As in[...]

No.69 [HISTORY] Out of the shadows into the light

In Sakitsu’s streets, here and there you can catch sight of Christian religious items.   The Amakusa islands were one of the principal centres of Christianity in Japan. Located in the south of Shimoshima, which alongside Kamishima is one of the two largest Amakusa islands, the little fishing [...]

No.69 [HERITAGE] For better or worse

Built with bricks imported from Great Britain, these buildings are 110 years old.   The region took an active part in the economic development of the country at the turn of the 20th century. For most tourists, Kumamoto Prefecture is known for its nature, its magnificent Kumamoto Castle and for [...]

No64 [PRODUCTION] Japanese sake, brewed in the UK

A venerable Osaka sake brewer decided to build a new brewery in the bucolic English countryside. Owner & founder, Yoshihide Hashimoto (right) and sake brewing manager, Tony Mitchell.   It was two years ago that London’s sake enthusiasts first began to hear rumours about the Dojima brewery[...]

No60 [THEATRE] From Last Samurai to King of Thailand

Watanabe Ken will perform The King and I from the end of June in London. He gave us his views on his work. Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the best Japanese actor on stage.   This June, the musical The King and I, starring Kelli O’Hara and Watanabe Ken, will arrive in London follow[...]

[DESTINY] The Ainu are fighting back

Maya (left), accompanied by her father, is proud of her Ainu origins.   Forced for a longtime to keep quiet about their origins, these indigenous people are fighting for their existence. Not many people stop in Nibutani, a rural Hokkaido village two hours drive south-west of Sapporo. Truck driv[...]

[REVIEW] An inspiring collection of essays

Filipino author, video maker and scriptwriter Rey Ventura won the 2015 National Book Award for his third collection of essays, Cherry Blossoms in the Time of Earthquakes and Tsunami (Ateneo de Manila University Press), but by some strange twist of fate you’ll find very little information on this b[...]

[DESTINY] An incredible experience

  Rey Ventura, from the Philippines, agreed to revisit the places where he lived as an immigrant in Japan Ishikawacho Station on the JR Negishi Line is very well known to tourists, gourmets and weekend ramblers. Located less than four kilometres south of Yokohama Station, it’s a useful starti[...]

[CINEMA] Wes anderson’s vision of Japan

Mayor Kobayashi is the spitting image of Mifune Toshiro, Kurosawa’s favourite actor, in High and Low (Tengoku to Jigoku, 1963)   A winner at the Berlinale, Isle of Dogs illustrates the extent to which the American film-maker has penetrated the Japanese soul. At first glance Isle of Dogs, Wes [...]